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Gavin’s Story

BGCLC Changes Lives A Child At A Time

Gavin's Family

Gavin was three years old when his then-single Dad began to notice a severe speech impediment. As Gavin neared kindergarten, his Dad had secured top notch therapies to help him overcome his disability. Through dedication, hard work, and lots of prayers, his impediment began to diminish. But Gavin was suffering from social anxiety and isolation most kids realize when they have trouble communicating. In kindergarten, friends were few and Gavin became even further isolated. His Dad searched for resources to help Gavin and was exposed to the BGCLC of Lehigh. The youth counselors were briefed on Gavin’s circumstance and they gave him, not only one-on-one attention and guidance, but encouraged participation in the many activities and programs the Club offered. Before long, Gavin had a broad circle of friends, his personality emerged and he became an outgoing, integral part of the BGCLC Family. Today, 14 year old Gavin’s report card reflects mostly A’s with two “B”s and is proudly displayed on the family refrigerator.

In the meantime, Maddison, a longtime acquaintance of Gavin’s dad has joined the family along with her young son, Aiden, and blended the family as Gavin’s step Mom. Of course Sally has enrolled Aiden in the club to join his big brother. She credits the Club with not only helping Gavin emerge from a lonely childhood, but also providing Aiden with the great mentorship, learning and fellowship that has them both on the path to a great future.

Ms. Shae's Story
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